Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Huge Great British Bake Off Fan

Who doesn't love this show?

Who’d have thought it?!

The actor has admitted he loves the British baking show and has even been practicing his baking skills over lockdown.

Speaking to the PA News Agency he said “In my mind, there’s literally nothing that can beat The Great British Baking Show (the name of the show in the US)”.

Although he admitted he wouldn’t go on the show himself, he’d love to meet the judges, “I do hope to one day meet Paul Hollywood. Though Prue is my favourite…I’m mesmerised by her spectacles.

“Her coats or spectacles change and it’s almost as if they change every shot. Or do they change every show? I can’t figure it out…I just adore her. Prue’s fantastic. I do really love Mr Hollywood, but you know, she’s amazing,” he added.

Even though we know how satisfying the show is, we are glad to see Hollywood stars enjoying the wholesome content.

Jake also said he’s a big fan of cooking in general, and loves to try and make the perfect batch of cookies, aww!

“I have always cooked, and I’ve always loved to cook, and there are many things that I have hoped and wished that I would be able to do, that I had always deemed in my mind to be impossible.

“And then I made them, and it’s opened my entire world. Things like, literally no joke, a black and white cookie.

“I’ve searched the world for the perfect black and white cookie and never found it. And so now I get to try and make the perfect one for myself,” he added.

As if we couldn’t be a bigger Jake fan! We will test your cookie recipe!

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