Jason Oppenheim Shuts Down Those Selling Sunset Rumours

Jason describes the rumours as "slightly annoying, but mainly amusing.”

Jason Oppenheim has shut down those rumours that what we see on Selling Sunset is fake. There have been numerous stories since season three that none of the girls on the show are actually realtors in real life, but co-owner Jason assures that this is untrue.

Speaking with the Irish Independent this weekend, the co-founder dismissed these rumours; “Everything about us has been questioned by a lot of people.”

“I interpret it as a compliment. I guess people see a show that they like, and they see these women being fashionable and beautiful and successful.”

“I mean it creates publicity for the show, but it’s interesting that people can’t do, like, one minute of research.”

Jason describes the rumours as “slightly annoying, but mainly amusing.”


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Speaking more positively about it, Jason shared how much he loved working on the show, especially as his twin brother is also involved; “Not only is it really exciting to be on a successful show, but to do that with your brother and best friends is so much fun.”

“If anything, it has made our work better. We’re getting more business – we’re getting more publicity for our listings, and we’re getting more buyers and sellers. I think the show has something to do with that.”


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The show, which follows the lives (personally and professionally) of the agents working for the Oppenheim Group has been a runaway success for Netflix this year. The program showcases some of the luxury properties on offer in the LA hills as well as the daily drama between the agents.

Jason also chatted about the personal nature of the show, as we get to see two of the agents get married as well as the very public divorce between Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley during season three.

“I’ve always been very impressed with how courageous the women have been sharing their ups and downs and their personal lives with the world.”

“With every season, we get a little more free and open and honest, and that has impressed me. It’s why the seasons of the show are getting better and better.”

It was exactly the kind of TV we needed during lockdown and we already can’t wait for season four!


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