*Jaw Drops*: So *THIS* Is What Your House Looks Like When You’re A YouTuber Earning £50K Per Month

Famous vlogger Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie just moved into our dream house.

If you haven’t heard of Zoella (real name Zoe Suggs), she’s a hugely successful vlogger who shares videos of her daily life on YouTube to almost 12 million subscribers.

Her videos cover everything from shopping hauls and make-up tutorials to personal discussions about friendships and periods. Now, at 27-years-old, Zoe has moved into a stunner of a home with her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, and has given her followers major #HouseEnvy with a video tour.

Between beautifully manicured lawns, an outdoor L-shaped sofa to take in *all* the land their property has to offer, a modern and spacious kitchen with pristine, white countertops, and an adorable wood-burning stove in the living room – their new house looks like the perfect forever-home.

If you’re wondering how someone who’s not yet thirty affords a place like this, wonder no more. Last year, InStyle.co.uk reported that Zoe earns at least £50,000 a month between her YouTube career, endorsements, and TWO book deals about going viral online. So she’s coming out with a minimum of £600K per annum.

Plus, she moved in with her boyfriend who’s a successful vlogger in his own right, with almost four million YouTube subscribers on his channel, Pointless Blog.

And on that note, we can confidently say that we’re 100 per cent in the wrong industry, lads.

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