Jedward’s Comments About Lasting For “Longer Than An Hour” In The Bedroom Might Make You Blush

They also shared the type of woman they fancy most.

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Jedward, AKA John and Edward Grimes, got down to the nitty-gritty this week in a very revealing interview about their sex lives, opening up about everything from stamina to kissing on the first date.

Chatting to the Sun ahead of their next TV performance, the former X Factor contestants spoke about their desire to find love. The 25-year-old twins will be appearing in MTV’s new dating show, Single AF, and will go on dates with women from around the world in the hope of finding ‘the one’ – or two, as the case may be.

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Speaking about the type of woman they’re hoping to find, Edward said, “I’m looking for someone who can make me happy – who gets me and embraces all my different sides and knows that I’m a performer and entertainer. They need to know that they don’t always need to be on the red carpet. I like mysteriousness in a woman.

“I want someone who has something going on in their eyes,” he continued, “And I want someone with a brain. What really attracts me to a girl is their soul.”

His twin, John, added, “We connect with different people in different ways. I want to connect with someone on a romantic level. I’m looking for a girl who is funny and pleasant and chooses happiness over drama.”

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And then they got open about kissing, with Edward saying, “Who wouldn’t want to kiss on a first date? What’s the big deal? You’ve got to taste the flavour before you commit. We’re definitely going to be kissing on first dates.

“In fact I want to win the MTV Award for best kiss – and I want our music to play during my make out sessions.”

And should kissing lead to something more, John wants women to know that they’re in for a good time when it comes to getting jiggy in the bedroom.

“I can definitely go for longer than an hour,” he revealed, before continuing, “If I can perform on stage for almost three hours – performing in the bedroom is nothing to me.”

They’re not just a pretty face, folks.

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