Jennifer Lawrence Has Released Her Wedding Registry On Amazon And The Internet Is Confused

Our favourite on the list is a marble cheese slicer

If you have ever wondered what to get for a couple on their big day, you need wonder no more, because Jennifer Lawrence has you sorted.

Releasing her wedding registry gift list on Amazon, J-Law included just about everything you could think of and just like the rest of the internet, we are a little confused, but also intrigued by it.

The list includes a shoutout from Jennifer herself, saying:

“Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming. For anyone else needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share a few of my favourite registry wish-list items.”

Okay, cool.

The registry is divided into seven sections covering just about every facet of married life, these sections include ‘Hosting & Happy Hours” and “Travel”. However, our personal favourite items on the list includes a pasta maker, a cork yoga mat, and a wooden salad bowl which costs $99, standard.

To give some explanation to the otherwise random wish-list, there appears to be a charitable motive behind it. Jennifer explains at the bottom of the page that she has partnered up with Amazon Conservation, donating to their cause which helps to protect the Amazon rainforest, so yeah, we kind of get it a little now.

You can check out Jennifer’s full list here.

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