Jessica Alba Responds To ‘Child Abuse’ Comments Made By An Instagram Follower

Jessica slammed the claims as ridiculous.


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In an upcoming episode of Red Table Talk, Jessica Alba has slammed claims from an Instagram follower accusing the star of child abuse, where Jessica has denied what she called a ‘ludicrous’ claim.

Jessica has three children, Honor, Haven and Hayes, who each wore face masks when they were on holiday in Wyoming a couple of months ago. One social media user decided to troll Jessica’s decision for her children to wear masks, and it wasn’t taken lightly.

Jada Pinkett Smith began speaking about the social media post in question on the upcoming Red Table Talk episode, saying “I know this picture of you and your family caused some heat,” according to HollywoodLife. Referring to the below image, which Jessica captioned at the time “we consistently wore masks, washed/ sanitized our hands”. She continued, “we went on guided boat tours, hikes, bike rides and wearing a mask was a requirement in the car with the driver, on hike- as we were in close proximity w our guide and in the small boats”.


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Jada then referred to the comment saying, “The comment was, ‘What kind of person are you, doing such [an] unhealthy thing to your child. Are you paid for this????’ ‘That’s child abuse.’ Well, there you go”. To which Jessica replied: “It’s just absolutely ludicrous that we’re living in a day and age where health is politicized. My mind is blown.”

Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris (co-host on the series), had one thing to say to the person who wrote the comment. “You’re an ass,” she said. “Moving on.”

Let’s just get it out there, it is so important to wear a mask or a face covering when you’re in public spaces, that’s it and that’s all.


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