Jessica Alba Speaks Candidly About The Sexual Harassment She Has Suffered In Her Career

It started at a very young age.

Jessica Alba is best known for her classic 2000’s roles such as Dark Angel and Into the Blue and for her hugely successful The Honest Company

Now the actress is speaking openly about the sexual harassment she has faced “all the time” in her acting career.

Speaking to CNN’s Talk Asia show, the actress discussed how she realised “that’s the way you were going to be treated” from an early age, in her case as early as 12.

Asked if she had experienced sexual harassment, she said: “Oh yeah, of course I have. Yeah. All the time along the way.”

I don’t know, I guess you shouldn’t have accepted it, but, as a young actress growing up in the business, you just accepted that that’s the way you were going to be treated.”

“You could either go this way or that way with it and do I think I could’ve gotten some opportunities if I would’ve done this versus that? Sure, but for me, that’s just not something I was comfortable with, frankly… I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was 12.”

Imagine, imagine what that’s like.”

She also spoke about the TimesUp and #MeToo movement, which has seen women break their silence about sexual harassment in the movie industry and beyond.

“I think things have been imbalanced for way too long and I think it’s about time.”

The actress also talked about how she wished she had had more female mentors during her career, especially in her younger years when she was growing up.

No-one gave me a handout. No-one gave me an opportunity. I had to fight for it, but it would be nice if I had some people who helped me along the way and I didn’t have to fall on my face so much, and it would’ve been also nice to have more women mentor me and help me along the way.”


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