Jim Carrey Cleared In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

His former girlfriend Cathriona White died from a drug overdose in 2015.

Photo credit: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond on Netflix.

Jim Carrey has been cleared of being the cause of ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s apparent suicide in a wrongful death lawsuit taken by the Irish woman’s family.

Cathriona White’s husband and mother sued Carrey back in 2015, claiming he was to blame for her death by drug overdose.

White’s family claimed that Carrey gave her sexually transmitted diseases and provided the drugs used in her overdose.

Carrey then filed a countersuit claiming the lawsuits were an attempt to exploit him for his fame. The 56-year-old also claimed White had extorted him by threatening to go to the press with false allegations that he had given her multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

The actor’s attorney, Raymond Boucher, came to the conclusion that a 2011 document showing White had clean test results prior to meeting Carrey was a forgery. White, who dated the actor on and off for three years, used a friend’s medical records and changed the name and date on them.

A rep for the star told the Hollywood Reporter that the lawsuit was dismissed on January 25, saying that “Jim is looking forward to moving on with his life now”.

Cathriona White’s family had no further comment on the issue.

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