Joanna’s Reaction To Amber Choosing Greg Over Michael Was Interesting To Say The Least…

Last night saw the drama in the Villa grow yet again – as Amber chose between Michael and Greg in the recoupling.

The beauty was faced with the tough choice of going with her ‘head or heart’ but ultimately set her sights on hunky Irish rugby player, Greg.

The decision left Michael in a friendly coupling with Francesca, but really not with much romance on the cards.

So Michael has gone from having two girls fighting over him to pretty much having none, and booted Islander Joanna has weighed in on Amber’s side. Yas!

Joanna, who was coupled up with Michael before the other Islanders chose to vote her off, has been live reacting to each episode since – including some awkward moments in which Michael tried to win back Amber’s affections.

But last night she revealed she was ‘proud’ of her for making the right decision.

“I am actually really proud of her [Amber], I’m not going to lie.” she told her Instagram followers.

“That was probably one of the hardest decisions that she was going to have to make and she did so well. Good on her!”

Anyone else delighted Michael’s ended up without Amber OR Joanna? Yeah, us too.




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