Joanne McNally Shares Hilarious Counterfeit Handbag Shopping Incident

I genuinely was like, ‘Oh, we’re busted’"


Joanne McNally has never shied away from be honest and sharing stories from her life with fans…including stories of her near arrest.

The comedian and her pal Vogue Williams stopped by the Late Late Show last night, and while chatting to host Ryan Tubridy, Joanne shared her hilarious misadventure of looking for a fake Louis Vuitton bag in New York.

The subject came about while discussing Joanne’s recent 40th birthday, with Ryan asking if she had treat herself to any special presents in honour of her big day. With the Dubliner admitting all she wanted was a handbag from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

“I wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton bum bag – this was my dream,” she began.


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But with their bags costing anywhere from €240-€4,200, its a big commitment.

Luckily Joanne discovered an alternative, finding cheaper counterfeits while in New York.

“But then I was in New York and they sell those fake ones for 70 quid and I was like, ‘Boom! I’m not spending money on a real one’ – why would you when you can buy it out of a pram down an alleyway – so much more thrilling!” she explained.

How shopping for fakes is illegal, and is punishable with prison time and a fine in New York, which would have put a damper on the trip. Fortunately things were going well for Joanne…until a police officer showed up.

“I was bricking it, ‘cos it felt like it was very illegal. And then this New York cop came up to the pram, and I genuinely was like, ‘Oh, we’re busted,’” the 40-year-old confessed.


But in a hilarious turn events, Joanne got away scot free. How so you ask? Well the police officer was actually their to purchase a fake design back as well.

“But he was buying a Chanel tote for his wife! So it’s just standard,” Joanne revealed. And so the law of glass houses strikes again!

During her appearance on the Late Late Show, the podcaster also opened up about turning 40, confessing she wasn’t worried about reaching the milestone.

There was fretting in my early 30s… I think everyone has one identity crisis in their life. You’ve one. They called it mid-life crisis if it happens around your mid-life – but mid-life doesn’t exist anymore,” she began.

“I’m 40, it’s the new 20 – freeze your face, freeze your eggs, get on with your life! Defrost your child at 70 if you want. Who cares? Age doesn’t matter anymore.”

“But I’ve had the whole identity crisis in my early 30s… the whole ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I doing?’ By the time I hit 40, I was almost like, ‘Come on’ – I want the next decade. Let’s go!”

“I feel the happiest I’ve ever felt,” Joanne concluded.


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