Jodie Wood Reveals Feelings That Baby Noah Is Missing Out Having Been Born During The Pandemic

“I know he doesn’t know any different, but I feel like he hasn’t had as fun a start as Milo did,”

Jodie Wood has revealed she feels like her second child is missing out on so much, as he was born in the middle of the pandemic.

The influencer and her husband Will Matthews, who are already parents to two-year-old Milo, welcomed their second child to the world last October.

She reveals it’s been a completely different experience to her last, and feels sad for Noah, who hasn’t been able to get the same experiences as their first child.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Jodie said, “I feel like Noah has been so deprived of the outside world.

“With Milo I was heading off to mum and baby groups or coffee mornings with new mums to make friends for him and me too or going out for big walks and getting to show off the baby and that hasn’t happened in the last six months.

“I know he doesn’t know any different, but I feel like he hasn’t had as fun a start as Milo did,” she said.

“I feel sad that so many people won’t have seen him while he’s small, they’ll be meeting him for the first time when he’s eight or nine months old and sure then they’re basically off to college.

“He has met all of my close family on an individual basis, but it’s not the same as passing the baby over to someone for a cuddle.”

Since returning home, Jodie has been enjoying every minute with her hubby and two young kids, Milo and Noah and jokes about how the two siblings didn’t see eye to eye at the beginning.

“When Noah first came home Milo had no interest in him. He wouldn’t even look at him,” Jodie revealed.

“It’s only in the last month or two as Noah is getting older, he’s six months now, and he’s more interactive so things are changing.

“Noah’s interested in Milo so now Milo likes playing with him and bringing him toys. At the start, he couldn’t have cared less.”

She added, “I think this year has been especially hard for parents because we’ve had our kids at home with us and we’ve had nothing to entertain them with.

“At the weekends it’s usually great because you have lots of family time, you can go out to museums and playgroups, but because none of that has been on, I think a lot of parents are finding it tiring and hard, trying to be the sole source of entertainment for their kids 24/7.”


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