Julia Fox On Kanye’s ‘Residual Feelings’ Towards Kim K

"But I know that he’s with me now and that’s what matters.”

This week, Julia sat down with the popular podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ for a long interview to spill all the tea about her new relationship.

All eyes have been on Julia since she started dating Kanye West following his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Speaking about her life growing up in New York City to previous jobs, we were given the real inside scoop when podcast host Alex Cooper began asking Julia about her relationship with Kanye, being compared to his former wife Kim Kardashian and how she doesn’t get jealous.

While Julia and Kanye’s relationship is relatively new, they have not been shy to be seen out in public together, usually rocking matching fits or just decked out in Kanye-style clothing we’re used to seeing on Kim.

Alex asked Julia about the future of their relationship, and what Julia had to say was: “There’s a lot of ‘us’ and ‘we’ conversations which is nice.”

She then went on to say they haven’t focused much on the future due to how spontaneous their relationship can be. “I can’t even get past next week.”

Julia was also asked about being compared to Ye’s ex-wife Kim. She was specifically asked about how a lot of her looks recently have been similar to Kim’s vibe while she was with Kanye.

“We’ve worn some similar looks. Which I knew at the time of wearing, I knew Kim had worn it previously but I thought it was cool,” she said.

Julia continues and talks about how women in the media have always been turned on one another and how she doesn’t agree with that.


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The conversation stayed on Kim for a while as Julia was asked if she ever feels any kind of jealousy towards Kim or their relationship.

Julia responded with: “No, not really. I’m sure there’s some sort of residual feelings… But I know that he’s with me now and that’s what matters”

One thing that really stood out while Julia was talking about Kim was how she never said anything negative about her or Kanye’s relationship with her. Julia seems to be a true girl’s girl!

Words by Sadbh O’Hara


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