Julia Stiles Reveals She Would Be Up For A Save The Last Dance Reunion

The film is 20 years old this year!

Save The Last Dance is one of those true comfort movies we love to watch when we’re having a bad day, period pain or hungover. Anything from this era of our childhood or teenage years is the perfect way to switch off and curl up on the sofa in front of.

Although the film is seriously dated now (some bits are so cringe worthy watching in 2021) it’s still a classic. It’s horrifying to think it came out as long ago as 2001 and is celebrating it’s 20th birthday this year, but that has meant there is some talk about a potential reunion.

In case you need reminding, the film follows a ballet dancer, played by Julia Styles as Derek, played by Sean Patrick Thomas helps her to train for a dance audition. The inter-racial couple bring a ‘modern’ twist to ballet my incorporating some of Derek’s hip-hop influences to her routine.

And, yes that is as cringe worthy and dated as it sounds but we won’t hear a bad word said about this modern classic.


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In a recent interview with E! News both Julia and Sean were reunited over Zoom and weren’t dismissive of a potential come back for their characters.

When asked how it would play out Julia said; “They’d run into each other at, like, the grocery store and both have their adult lives and then you take it from there.”

Sean revealed that he’d love to work with actress again if the opportunity came up; “I would love to work with Julia again, now. It would be an incredible pleasure because we’re grown-ups now.”

“It would be so special,”  added Julia, “I would be a lot less nervous.”

2021 come through please.


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