Justin And Hailey Bieber Just Got Candid Speaking About Their Break-Up

Hailey also explains how she began to trust Justin again



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If you’re in any way a Justin/Hailey fan, then you’ll know that they are one celebrity couple who have had a hell of a ride.

If you don’t know, then allow us to explain. Justin and Hailey initially met and became an item back in 2016. They had a fun few months as an item but then chose to end things shortly after, with Justin going back to his on-off again GF at the time, Selena Gomez. As you probably do know, things went on to get messy between Justin and Selena, before they finally ended things for good in early 2018.

You know how the story goes, Justin and Hailey then eventually reunited again and tied the knot in a whirlwind courthouse marriage in September 2018, and now live happily ever after.


But, in a candid shot, Hailey and Justin have opened up about their split in 2016, telling all in their new short reality TV show The Biebers. 

We were given a taster of the series in a 10-minute debut episode premiered on Facebook Watch this week. In the clip, Justin and Hailey row around a lake on their LA home (casual) and speak about everything from Justin’s childhood to how Hailey learned to trust Justin again following their 2016 split.

“How did you regain confidence and trust in me because at the time, there was so much hurt, and there was so much pain. What got you through that? Was it your faith? Was it?” Justin asked.

To which Hailey replied:

“From the time you and I ended and were not on good terms, I was on my own essentially. I didn’t just throw myself into a relationship – I did other things to try and forget like talk to people and hang out with people – or fill a void in that way.

Continuing she also said:

“I remember I cared about you so much that it didn’t matter to me if you were in my life in a romantic way, I wanted us to be in each other’s lives and that be ok. When I look back on it, it was the best thing that we took time apart and to do our own thing”

Recalling when the two did begin to see one another again, Hailey says that she saw a change in Justing, admitting that he was no longer the player that he once was.

“You know, you were trying to keep to yourself. You weren’t on any like, if I am allowed to say this, f*** boy shit anymore.”

Concluding their DMC, Justin said that the two are officially closer than ever, and are excited for the future together.

‘Now I’m in the best place I’ve ever been,’ Justin said, ‘And you and I are the closest we’ve ever been.

You can watch the full clip below:


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