Kaitlynn Carter Reveals How She Felt After Her Fling With Miley Cyrus

"I was dealing with a lot emotionally at that time."

Last year the rumour mill went into overdrive when pictures of Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus appeared online of the pair on holidays together.

Kaitlynn, who became famous after appearing on hit show, The Hills: New Beginnings had just split from her husband Brody Jenner. Miley, too had just split up with Liam Hemsworth.


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Photographs of the pair were everywhere, and Kaitlynn revealed that she struggled with how much attention she received from the press and online at the time.

Chatting to fellow The Hills star, Whitney Port on Instagram live yesterday she admitted that she felt ‘mortified’ once the fling ended.

In an interview with Elle Magazine last year she also addressed her relationship with Miley revealing that;
“This past July, I went on vacation with a female friend; the next thing I knew, I was in love with her.”


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manifesting ☀️☀️☀️

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It seems she hadn’t realised how much attention she would receive after a relationship with Miley; “I had no expectations that anyone would give a shit about me by myself. I had no plan in place. I didn’t think about anything. For example, I was dealing with a lot emotionally at that time, obviously, and I really wasn’t going out anywhere. I was just staying home.”

Kaitlynn also mentioned to Whitney that she thought her life could go back to normal after their summer romance; “What happened to me, like, basically just after Miley and I went our separate ways, I thought, OK, like, my life’s just kinda going back to the way it normally was for me when I’m on my own.”


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Unfortunately that isn’t what happened and suddenly Kaitlynn was hounded by paps, who went on to follow her and all her subsequent relationships after Miley, which was difficult and unexpected.

Finally, Kaitlynn said that this experience has taught her a lot about social media and how going forward she wants to be in control of her narrative;

“Social media is so different because this is a community, on my Instagram, this is the community that I have been communicating with and sharing things with for years now,” she continued, “I built this community over a long time. When I’m sharing things on there, it feels familiar. It feels like a safe place.”


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