Kate Hudson Is Facing Intense Criticism For Her Comments About Having A C-Section

"Her opinion is worthless."

Kate Hudson has landed herself in hot water over her recent “insensitive” comments about having had a c-section.

When asked by Cosmopolitan about what the laziest thing she’s ever done is, she replied, “Have a C-section!’ The actress has two sons, Ryder and Bingham, who were born via caesarian, but women are seriously unimpressed by what she said.

Numerous women are calling her out on social media saying that having a c-section isn’t lazy, that sometimes it’s the most difficult thing they’ll go through in their lives.

One woman tweeted, “As someone who had two c-sections (and who was born in a c-section), I can say Kate Hudson’s opinion is worthless.” Another wrote, “Kate Hudson saying women who have their babies via C-section are lazy is stupid. Majority of women don’t have a choice. She’s lame for that.”

While a third said, “Kate Hudson, you’re right, it was lazy of me to have an emergency C-section due to pre-eclampsia where my daughter and I both almost died…”

Others on Instagram have labelled her as “insensitive” and “disrespectful”.

However, other fans have jumped to her defence, saying that she was speaking about her own experience and is entitled to share her opinion.

What do you make of Kate’s comment?

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