Kate Middleton Is Now A DJ And It Appears To Be Prince William’s Nightmare

Shall we call her - dare I say it - DJ Duchess?

Available for 18ths, 21sts, stag dos, hen nights, funerals, you name it really, Kate Middleton has become a DJ and now, will more than likely be playing in all the wet pubs around Ireland to celebrate their reopening for outdoor dining from June 7th.

Yep, it’s a lot to take in, especially since it’s predominantly a joke, but can you imagine it?

Kate hitting the decks, however, is no myth. Although she’s not tossing in the career to become future queen, the duchess did spin a record or two during a visit to the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit – a national centre of expertise in tackling violence.

While on her latest tour with husband Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge was given a quick DJ lesson which involved creating a beat underneath the watchful eye of her instructor.

However, not to William’s fancy he said: “Please turn that off, it’s hurting my ears.” Fair.

Also noting that Kate’s $ick beats sound like a “cat”, it’s fair to say Prince William won’t be buying any tickets to see his wife headline a gig any time soon.

Both Kate and William will now continue on their tour around Scotland, with the plan being to meet various frontline workers and NHS staff who have been working around the clock over the past unprecedented year, as well local volunteers and emergency responders.

Well, we’re sure we’ll see plenty more from these two and their travels.


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