Katy Perry Just Admitted To Peeing Standing Up And This Is How She Does It

She revealed all on the Ellen Show.

Sometimes, there’s such a thing as over-sharing, and Katy Perry has just overshared her bathroom habits on a recent interview with Ellen.

The 59-year-old chat show host invited the Chained to the Rhythm singer onto the show to chat about her upcoming album, potential judging gig on American Idol, and her *very* unusual dress choice for the Met Gala.

Bringing up a photo of Katy’s red veiled gown, Ellen said, “This seems like it would be hard to use the restroom… or do anything…”

Sebagai co-chair sekaligus performer #metgala2017, banyak yang mengira Katy Perry akan mengenakan salah satu gaun couture terbaru Comme des Garcons. Tapi ternyata tidak. Perry justru mengenakan gaun koleksi Maison Margiela Artisanal yang didesain khusus oleh John Galliano. Seperti yang kita lihat, gaun tersebut terdiri dari beberapa layer. Mulai dari coat wol yang berlapis tulle, serta gaun chiffon dengan sparkling embellishment. Elegan sekaligus one of a kind! Kita lihat saja apakah nanti bakal ada banyak meme tentang look yang satu ini ? . . Foto: Getty Images #jawapos #showandselebriti #metgala2017 #metgala #katyperry #katyperrymetgala #reikawakubo #maisonmargiela #katyperryindonesia #katyperryfans #katyperrystyle #redcarpetmetgala #redcarpet #couturegown

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To which Katy replied, “There was a lot of self control, practice, and GoGirls. Do you know those little contraptions that you then get to urinate standing up?”

A GoGirl is a flexible silicone device that women can hold up to their lady bits, forming a seal, before peeing. It’s a funnel of sorts.

Katy continued, “I’ve used them in several music videos because I always find myself in this predicament where I have a very extravagant, lavish, unrealistic, unpractical costume on. That’s just me, I guess… It’s just like a nozzle… you can put around you… anyway!”

So next time you see the singer wearing a fun or extravagant outfit, you’ll know exactly what she’s been up to in the bathroom – because like, we all clearly needed to know.

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