Keira Knightley’s Questionable Hat In ‘Love Actually’ Was Actually Used To Cover A Massive Spot

Ah, a problem we all know to be real.

Would you believe that celebrities have skin imperfections too?

Love Actually is probably one of our most favourite holiday movies of all time, however, we must admit that some of the styling choices are, er, questionable.

Keira Knightley agrees. While promoting her new Nutcracker movie, Keira explained that even though that hat was not the most fashionable, she truly appreciated it’s ability to save her from the embarrassment of having her pimple screened all across the world.

During the interview she was asked, “Any fashion regrets? I’m particularly thinking about the hat.” You know, that hat Juliet wears to go to Mark’s house to ask for the wedding footage?

Keira replied, “Do you know why the hat was there? I had a massive spot in the middle of my forehead. This is the problem with being 17 and being in films. It was humongous. There was no choice, so we had to find a hat to cover it. There was no lighting, there was no makeup that was going to cover it.”

“It’s funny how you just remember extreme embarrassment,” she admitted. “I remember coming in in the morning and being like, ‘Oh wow I’ve got another head on my head. What are we going to do? There’s nothing we can do about this.’ But there is because you could always put a hat over it.”

We don’t know what’s more shocking, the hat story or the fact that Keira Knightley was 17 in Love Actually.


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