Kelsey Parker Has Addressed The Backlash She Received For How She Grieves

"People think I should be walking around in black, mourning"

Tom Parker's wife Kelsey and two kids he leaves behind who supported him in final weeks - Irish Mirror Online

Kelsey Parker has opened up about her process with grief, after losing her husband, The Wanted singer Tom Parker earlier this year.

The mum-of-two has said that she has received some comments from the public on her approach to grieving, which is very much ‘life must go on’. Chatting on Fearne Cotton’s The Happy Podcast, Kelsey said that she can’t put her life on hold forever.

“People think I should be walking around in black, mourning, wearing my black veil, over my face and not speaking to anyone. But life’s not like that.”


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Continuing on, Kelsey says that grieving isn’t about only feeling sadness all of the time, but rather an array of emotions every single day.

“I’ve learnt through this that you can be so many different emotions in one day but even in five minutes. I could feel sadness, anger, happy, and be laughing, all literally within the space of five minutes.”


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Kelsey and Tom have two young children together, three-year-old Aurelia, and two-year-old Bodhi. Parenting two children under the age of 5 is difficult, but parenting them while you navigate life without your partner is even more difficult, however, life must continue for Kelsey and her kids as she explains:

“I have been left here. I’ve been left here without Tom. And what do I do with my life now? I can’t be sad, I’ve got two kids. Like how can I wake up every day and be sad?”

“Yes, I am sad, but my life has to continue and move on. What he’s taught us is that life is so short,” she concluded.


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