Kendall And Kylie ‘Spontaneously’ Bought Matching Ferraris While Out For Brunch


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Remember that time you and your sister went out for brunch and came home with matching cars worth €230,000 each? Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner posted a picture of their matching Ferrari Spider 488s on Snapchat a few weeks back, and now the pair have finally revealed how the purchase came about. While we do admire the Jenner sisters for always making it clear their lives are 100% removed from that of a normal teen or twenty-something, this incident – and the glee with which Kendall recalls it – might be a step too far.

“The story behind it is so good – it wasn’t planned at all!” Kendall wrote on her website, before revealing that Kylie made a snap decision to buy herself a new car after a phonecall from her big sister.

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“After I drove her [Kylie’s] Ferrari 458 for a week earlier this year, I knew I needed one for myself. I waited because a friend of mine told me that the 488, the model I have now, was coming out in a few months,” Kendall explained.

“When there was a model here, I went to check it out with Corey [Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend]… One day, I was at breakfast with my friend and he told me there was one down the street and that I had to see it. I was finally ready, so I bought it on the spot. I FaceTimed Kylie, saying, ‘Look what I just got!!!'” Kendall recalled.

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Lo and behold, Kylie made her way straight to the car dealer, buying her own Ferrari 488 within hours of Kendall doing the same. “I met her there just as she was buying it,” Kendall wrote. “Then we took all the cheesy snaps, lol. It was funny that we ended up getting them on the same day, because it was so spontaneous.”

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