Kendall Jenner Is On The Cover Of Indian Vogue And Here’s Why Everyone’s Unhappy About It

It's more controversy for Kenny.

Kendall Jenner is on the cover of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue, and people are annoyed that the editor didn’t choose an Indian model to front the magazine instead.

The photographer, Mario Testino, explains within the issue that he wanted to represent true Indian culture in his imagery.

“Different elements of India have influenced my world – and in turn this issue. It’s the people, the art, the colours, the elephants and everything in between. I wanted to bring my world truly to this amazing nation, by shooting the issue in India. I wanted it to stay true to the Indian spirit.”

But people are wondering why the ‘Indian spirit’ had to be represented by an American model.

One person tweeted, “Why have Kendall Jenner cover the 10th anniversary of VOGUE INDIA when there are so many beautiful Indian models who can do it?” While another said, “Would be nice to see a dark skinned South Indian woman on the cover before Kendall Jenner ?  #VogueIndia”.

A third woman even tweeted photos of Indian models who she thinks would have suited the cover better.

Kendall might be aware of the controversy surrounding the cover as she hasn’t promoted it via her own social media channels at all.

Do you think Vogue India was wrong to choose Kendall for the cover? Or was it a good marketing ploy to get the rest of the world talking about it?

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