Kendall Jenner’s House Tour Includes A ‘Hannah Montana’ Room And Meditation Zone

Would Miley Cyrus approve? We think so!


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In the words of Billy Ray Cyrus, yee doggies! Kendall Jenner, this is one pretty lush pad.

I mean, should we have expected anything less from one of the KarJenners?

As Kendall Jenner notes herself as one of the more reserved sisters, we’re surprised to see her following in their footsteps and opening up the doors to her home for Architectural Digest.

A house that isn’t often filmed on KUWTK and never posted on social media, besides the odd mirror selfie, we won’t lie and say we haven’t longed for more of an insight into Kendall’s home but thankfully, we’re now got the sneak peek we’ve been dying for.

Described as a “peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe” by the 24-year-old, her haven is the perfect place for her to chill out and take a break from her high-flying and demanding gig as a model and TV personality.

Living in Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner’s home isn’t exactly the party spot you’d imagine someone in their mid-twenties having, instead, she likes her home to be a place of painting, meditation, relaxation and of course, somewhere to host dinner parties with her friends while watching NBA games.

Just outside of Kendall’s bedroom, the star explained she’s got a little living area complete with a neon sign where she “zones out” and “meditates”.

Our favourite room in the house had to be Kendall’s fittings wardrobe which she has renamed her “Hannah Montana” room.

Any y2k teen will appreciate the wardrobe which is kitted out with an array of coloured puffers and neon shoes, perfect for taking to the stage of Madison Square Garden to sing Best Of Both Worlds.

“It’s always kind of a mess,” revealed Kendall. “This is where I do all my fittings and kind of throw clothes in here. This is where I pack for long trips or trips at all. Even if it is a little bit cluttered in here or a little bit of a mess, I know where everything is.”

Other highlights include Kendall’s bathroom which features a 300-pound stone sink, a painting room which includes overalls for all guests to get messy), and a really simplistic yet chic master bedroom which again, features a Spanish theme with wooden beams across the celling.

You can check out the whole tour below!


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