Kendall That You?? Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About This Video Of Lana Del Rey

Can you see the resemblance?

A recent twitter video shared by a Lana Del Rey superfan has got a lot of people talking!

The vid shows Lana sitting in a car while chatting away to a fan, who has a new tattoo to show off, but most people on twitter are saying the same thing…. She is the IMAGE of Kendall Jenner, right?

Maybe it’s the sleek, black hair do? Or the pretty enviable bone structure? But either way we had to do a double take when we first saw the video. And twitter feels the same way…

These two seem to not be able to get away from each other, as Lana was spotted cosying up to Kenny’s rumoured BF A$AP Rocky in 2017, but have also been spotted at events together, supposedly best of pals?
What do you think?


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