Kerry Katona Called Brian McFadden ‘A Bit Of A D*ick’ After He Made A Sly Comment About Her Love Life

Pot, kettle, black

If there’s one thing we love, it’s ex-couples feuding with one another for our entertainment, and today, Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden has given us that in plentiful.

Hitting back at comments Brian made about Kerry’s previous marriages, she called her ex-husband ‘a bit of a d*ck’.

Brian recently spoke to Ok! Magazine after he announced his engagement with current fiancé Danielle Parkinson, saying that he doesn’t plan on making his daughter’s bridesmaids because, well, they’ve already filled that role several times before.

“They’ve been bridesmaids for their mother about five times already so they’re probably sick of it.”

“There’s only so many times you can be a bridesmaid. They must be thinking, ‘Not another f*cking wedding!”

In fairness, Brian has a point, but with two marriages and four engagements under his belt, Brian very much contributes to their wedding boredom.

But, always one to clap back. Kerry wrote in her New! Magazine column:

“That’s Bri for you, trying to be funny but being a bit of a dick in the process.”

Continuing to set the record straight, she said:

“For the record, Brian’s been engaged more times than I have, too!”

However, Kerry did go on to say that despite the girls being wrecked with all the weddings they have to attend, they will still support their Dad no matter what.

“He’s right, the girls probably are sick of weddings. Molly’s been to all of mine. But I’ve no doubt they’ll support their dad 100 percent when he walks down the aisle again.”

Hmm, you know what they say, Brian, people in glass houses.