Khloe Kardashian Was Just As ‘Surprised’ By Kim And Pete Davidson’s Relationship As The Rest Of Us

And she's been sharing her thoughts on Pete too...


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We were all a little shook when we first caught wind of the rumours of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and it turns out that Khloe Kardashian was just as surprised as the rest of us. Who’d have thought it, eh? Well… We could’ve guessed tbh.

Reports of their relationship first surfaced following their Saturday Night Live kiss back in October 2021, and there’s been a whole lot happening since. But now, Khloe is sharing her thoughts on their romance and has said that she was surprised by their pairing.

A source close to Khloe revealed to Hollywood Life: “She was just as surprised as everyone else when she found out they were into each other. But she seriously couldn’t be happier.”

Explaining how Khloe feels about Pete, they continued: “Khloé loves that Pete is super chill and down to earth. She gets along with him really well and thinks he’s absolutely hilarious. Khloé’s so happy for Kim because she can see that Kim is happier than she’s been in a while.”


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Before adding: “Khloé thinks it’s awesome that Kim is dating Pete. Khloé thinks Pete is so different from anybody Kim has ever dated.”

And that’s not all, another insider also shared: “Khloé really, really likes Pete. She said that he is a breath of fresh air for Kim and exactly what she needs in her life – a man who makes her laugh, keeps her ego in check and who is extremely romantic.”

They continued, “Pete is all of these things. Kim’s entire family adores him, to be honest. Pete is unlike any man Kim has ever dated and that is what is so interesting. At the same time, he is extremely handsome and charming.

“He has his own money and a budding career. Her sisters feel that he came into her life for a reason. What they have is genuine.”

So yeah, Khloe certainly approves! She’s not the only one who has given Kim and Pete’s relationship the seal of approval, as Paris Hilton has also recently spoken about it. Read more on that here.


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