Kim And Kanye West Have Been Branded As ‘Cheap’ For Not Paying Their Surrogate Enough

"Kim has purses that are more expensive than that."

Kim Kardashian has always been very vocal about wanting to have a big family with husband, Kanye West, but due to complications during her first two pregnancies, the reality star is unable to carry a third tot for herself.

The 36-year-old suffers with a condition called Placenta Accreta, which would make another pregnancy life-threatening. As such, she and Kanye have hired a surrogate to carry their baby to full term, with a daughter expected to be born at the end of January.

The couple, who are worth millions of dollars, have been criticised for underpaying the surrogate. According to TMZ, the woman will be paid $45,000, in 10 monthly instalments.

Not only that, but if she loses reproductive organs, she’ll earn an additional $4,000, and a $5,000 bonus if she has twins,’ an insider told the site. But is that enough? Fans have been taking to Twitter saying things like, “I cant believe that Kim’s surrogate is only being paid 45k. Kim has purses that are more expensive than 45k.”

Other have said, “Does it bother anyone else that Kim and Kanye only paid their surrogate $45k???” and “What an insult!”

However, contradictory reports from Radar Online suggest that the surrogate will be paid $75,000, with an added monthly bonus of $4,500 for any ‘discomfort’ felt during pregnancy.

How much do you think she deserves to be paid?

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