Kim K Makes A Rare Reference To The Paris Robbery

Viewers got an insight into how things have been different for her.

Image via Instagram, @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian rarely speaks about the robbery she experienced in Paris in 2016. The reality TV star has been interviewed about the topic, most notably by David Letterman, but generally doesn’t mention it, presumably due to the trauma surrounding the event. We can’t blame her – the entire ordeal was clearly extremely distressing, with Kim being tied up and thrown in the bathtub of her hotel room while intruders ransacked the room.

In a recent episode of the Kardashians, though, Kim made a rare reference to the event, giving her viewers an insight into how it has affected her. Last Autumn, designers Dolce and Gabanna gave Kim a beautiful diamond cross necklace as a thank you gift for serving as their creative director for a show. Kim gushed over the necklace, saying “This is like the nicest piece of jewellery I own. Because I lost it all.”


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Kim went on to say in a confessional clip that she hasn’t bought jewellery for herself since being robbed. “I haven’t really been about wearing jewellery, because when it was taken from me, it was such a—I didn’t know I was ready for that experience and what that meant, but I was. I was ready to, like, give it up.”

Kim wore the necklace to the D&G fashion show, and spoke to what it meant to her.


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“This symbolized to me more than just getting a diamond cross necklace…[it] brought a piece of my glamour back to me, and that’s why it’s so special that I got it back from a really meaningful experience.”

We’re glad Kim feels like she’s reclaiming her glamour since the event – more power to her!