Too Much? The Internet Is Up In Arms After Kim Kardashian Chose To Dress Her Daughter In *This*

She's been receiving tonnes of backlash online.

Kim Kardashian has spoken out against some major backlash she’s been receiving online because, you know, there’s *never* a dull day in Calabasas.

Her four-year-old daughter was recently spotted wearing what appeared to be a cream-coloured corset over a silky peach dress, and people are accusing the reality star of putting her child in inappropriate clothing.

The 36-year-old later posted a video on Twitter in which she explained, “This dress that I did not design, I actually bought, is not a corset. It’s just fabric on the front that looks like a corset. I think it’s really cute. I bought it from a designer. It’s just fabric, people. It’s not a real corset.”

She also tweeted, “I would never put my daughter in a corset! It’s a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up and looks like a corset! Just decoration.”

For some fans, that explanation doesn’t cut it. One woman tweeted, “Kim K is so damn ditzy explaining it’s not a real corset. Girl that’s not the point. The point was you dress North like she’s grown,” while another said, “It don’t even matter that North wasn’t wearing a real corset, some of these outfits are cute but look too grown for such a little girl”.

What do you think of North’s dress? Was Kim wrong to have bought it in the first place?

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