Kim Kardashian Dressed Up Like Jackie Kennedy And People Aren’t Happy About It

She's been described as "ridiculous" and "attention seeking".

The Kardashian family is well used to controversy by now, but Kim’s latest photoshoot with her daughter, North, takes the biscuit.

The reality star shared a series of photos on Twitter in which she’s styled exactly like Jackie Kennedy, the former First Lady of the White House and wife to President John F. Kennedy.

Some people are confused by the photos, while others think they’re distasteful, with one person tweeting, “Jackie O turning over in her damn grave right now.”

Another asked, “Is there anything you don’t do for attention?” While a third person tweeted, “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.”

One woman even said, “So much disrespect in comparing Kim Kardashian to the late great Jackie Kennedy Onassis ? “.

What do you make of Kim’s latest shoot?

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