Kim Kardashian Face-Swapped With Her Child Self And The Result Was Effing Terrifying

Don't try this at home.

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We love a good Snapchat run-around as much as the next person, but sometimes things can get a little too weird.

While the photo and video-sharing app has come under fire for some very odd video filters in recent months, it’s the Face Swap feature that throws up the weirdest results of all, time and time again.

One person who makes full use of it is Kim Kardashian, who has been known to FS with everyone from her daughter North to (no joke) the Snapchat employee who invented Face Swap.

She reached peak Face Swap terror the other night though, when she introduced the world to her childhood self via Snapchat.

“You guys, doesn’t this look like North?” Kim asked her followers. “This is me as a baby that I’m Face-Swapping with. How crazy.”

Crazy? Yes. Too crazy. MAKE IT STOP.


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