Kim Kardashian Has Been Sharing Some Interesting Quotes To Her Instagram Account

What could she be hinting at?


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Kim K has left fans curious after she shared a number of cryptic quotes on her Instagram stories yesterday.

The reality TV star imparted some oddly specific advice to fans regarding living without regrets and the ability to spot “red flags”. Thank you, Kim, your wisdom knows no bounds.

Some fans speculated that the posts could indicate trouble for Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson, or could it be about her ex Kanye West, or could it be that Kim is trying to send a message regarding a certain ex-partner of one of her sisters?

After the recent revelation that Khloe is expecting her second child with NBA star Tristan Thompson via surrogate (despite repeated cheating allegations), some fans think these posts from Kim might be her way of giving her two cents. Do we detect an ounce of shade?


It is possible that Kim’s quotes were addressing the Tristian situation, as they were posted not long after images of Thompson walking through Greece arm in arm with another woman were circulated online.

Although the baby news came as a shock to the public, it has been reported that the surrogacy journey began before Khloe learned of Tristan’s third child with another woman, back in December. The pair are said to not be speaking outside of co-parenting matters since the end of last year.


Of course, it could be the case that Kim wanted to share some friendly advice with her followers, but the quote reading “Girls can tell the difference between 300 shades of nude lipstick but they can’t see red flags” does hit a little too close to home.

Kim and her sisters have yet to release an official statement addressing Khloé and Tristian’s news, but we can imagine they are only delighted to add another grandchild to the brood, as they all seem to have the peaceful co-parenting skills down.

Words: Ellen Glynn


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