Kim Kardashian Is Now A Billionaire Due To Her Brand Skims

She's a billionaire now in her own right, it has nothing to do with Kanye's billionaire status.

It wasn’t that long ago it was reported that Kim’s husband (soon to be ex) – Kanye West was now a billionaire, and Kim has now joined him earning the same financial status.

The news was revealed yesterday by The New York Times and it’s all down to her shape wear brand, Skims. Kim launched Skims back in 2019 after she became frustrated with the lack of shape wear options on the market.

Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength (after the initial drama with the original name, Kimono) not only selling innovative options for underneath evening wear but also a huge selection of underwear sets in multiple tones and materials.


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Even though the pandemic meant many fashion brands were selling less as people stayed at home, Skims cleverly pivoted and released a range of loungewear and robes for wearing around the house. Like the underwear options they stock, these now come in an endless array of textures and colours and have proved to be a massive hit in the past twelve months.

The ‘cosy collection’ was a particular favourite for WFH, as was the throwback collection of velour tracksuits she launched with Paris Hilton. All of her branding and ad campaigns are also incredibly diverse and shows the collection on multiple body types, which has surely helped with it’s success.


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Due to the companies success, they have now raised another $154 million in new funding to continue with their expansion into new product lines.

Kim has revealed that this has made it a billion dollar business as it lifted Skim’s valuation to a massive $1.6 billion.

As the KUWTK star is still the biggest shareholder, this makes Kim a billionaire in her own right. After announcing her divorce from Kanye, and his desperation to be named a billionaire himself, we kinda love this for her.

Now all we need is a reason to ditch the loungewear and have an excuse to buy the shape wear instead.


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