Kim Kardashian Just Got Roasted By North West Again – This Time Over Veggies

"They look disssgusttting!"


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Listen not wanting to eat your vegetables is a normal experience as a kid. Most of us avoided peppers like the plague and had a fennel phobia (and some of us still do). But it turns out Kim K’s daughter North West is no different, and won’t be eating her mum’s home grown vegetables anytime soon.

Kim took to IG, showing off some of her home grown veggies which were just picked from their garden. She excitedly explained while filming; “You guys, we got some veggies and fruits from our garden. How cute!”

While 8-year-old North, in her best Kim impression, said, “They look disssgusttting!”

But mum Kim handled it like a pro, simply saying, “They do not look disgusting! They’re fresh veggies and fruits, and we’re gonna make some amazing things this weekend with them.”


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A post shared by Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Still trying to convince her daughter, Kim went over to the carrots while saying, “You don’t think the Easter Bunny needs carrots?”

But we doubt Kim took it too seriously as she captioned her post; “Thanks North” clearly seeing the humor in the situation.

North is famous for calling out her mum in the funniest ways, so this was just her latest moment. Previously she went viral for saying Kim didn’t listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s music…while Kim was opening a PR parcel from Olivia!


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