Kim Kardashian’s Celebrity Crush Is…Unexpected

Random, but we get it.

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Kim Kardashian is probably a lot of people’s celebrity crush; but who is hers?

She’s dated some seriously well known men, from comedian Pete Davidson to TV host Nick Cannon, and of course her ex husband and famous musician Kanye West.

So you might be thinking that Kim’s celebrity crush is a media personality of sorts. Well, not quite!


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According to E!, in an interview with CR Fashion Book the reality TV star revealed that she has “one or two” current celebrity crushes that she won’t divulge to the public.

She told editor Carine Roitfeld “We’ve talked about them…but you can never tell.”

However, she was willing to share her “ultimate celebrity crush” – and it’s none other than John F. Kennedy Jr.


For those of you who haven’t brushed up on your American history, JFK Jr. was an attorney, and the son of the American president JFK and First Lady Jackie Onassis.

He sadly died in a plane crash in 1999 at just 38 years old.

It seems pretty unusual that Kim has the late attorney as her celeb crush, but it makes a little more sense when you consider her interest in Marilyn Monroe.


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Marilyn allegedly had an affair with John F Kennedy throughout his presidency, though it has never been proven.  She was also romantically linked to his brother Robert (Bobby).

Kim sparked controversy when she wore an original dress of Marilyn’s to the Met Gala, which was loaned to her by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

The dress had been worn by Marilyn when she famously serenaded President Kennedy on his birthday in 1962.

Some people were outraged that Kim would wear what they considered a “historical item”.

There was further anger from fans of Marilyn’s when Ripley’s gave Kim a real lock of Marilyn’s hair in a locket.

Still, it looks like Kim is continuing her interest in both Marilyn and the Kennedy’s.

Now we’re just left wondering who are the celeb crushes she’s keeping private!