Kim Kardashian’s Infamous Paris Robbery Might Be Turned Into A Film

We are all types of confused and intrigued

Everyone is familiar with the iconic Kim Kardashian/Paris robbery story. Making headlines across the world, the tale had us hooked back in 2016. However, If it is a little blurry then allow us to refresh your memory.

Three years ago, Kim was held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, where she was reportedly robbed of $10million worth of jewelllery.

Now, according to Variety, Joann Star A French comic book artist and filmmaker is planning on turning the ordeal into a comedy film – and we are all types of confused and intrigued.

Previously creating a graphic novel called ‘Fashion Week’ inspired by Kim’s story, Joann now wants to make a film based on his illustrations.

The film will apparently touch on themes of feminism, masculinity, and patriarchy in 21st-century society, and follow the story of a group of thieves who plan to rob a famous influencer during her trip to Paris before finding themselves heavily involved in the glamour of Fashion Week.

Kim has previously opened up about her ordeal, recalling the traumatic experience and revealing the impact it has had on her mental health.

She is yet to comment on the rumours of the film, but we can’t imagine the tongue in cheek comedy will go down too well with the Kardasian/Jenner clan – so watch this space.


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