Kim Kardashian’s Next Career Venture Is One You’ll Be Excited To Hear About

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Kim Kardashian has conquered reality TV, she’s conquered gaming, she has conquered the beauty industry, she’s conquered lingerie and now, the star is set to add another string to her bow – podcasting.

In an era that’s true crime obsessed, it fits in perfectly with Kim’s law studies and prison reform work to host a crime show all based around what she’s actually doing.

The show which will launch on Spotify will follow television producer and co-host Lori Rothschild Ansaldi’s investigation into the case of Kevin Keith, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Kevin Keith was convicted of three murders in 1994. Kevin has continued to maintain his innocence despite serving life and appealing his case on multiple occasions.

As Kim continues to seek clemency for inmates who have been given too harsh a prison sentence, this podcast will enable her to spread the word of her good work while shining a light on the prison system and law enforcement in the United States – something which we’re all too familiar with after the tragic and unjust killing of George Floyd.

A date hasn’t been released for the podcast just yet, but we’re praying it’s sooner rather than later. We’re sure this would be both an educational and interesting listen that will appeal to more people than just Kardashian fans.

But if you’re missing KUWTK, a helping of Kim K is sure to help fill that void in some capacity too!


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