Kit Kat Wafers Are Tastier Than Every Other Wafer, And There’s A Legit Reason Why

They're not made the same way as other wafers. Who knew?

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KitKats are frankly underrated in the chocolate bar hierarchy, and we reckon it’s the wafer that’s to blame.

When you think of ‘wafer,’ you think of dry, Holy Communion-esque bits of papery biscuit. No wonder you’d never leap to purchase a Kit Kat with that kind of imagery floating around.

But once you bite into a Kit Kat, it’s clear you’re not dealing with an ordinary wafer. That soft, chocolatey, moreish middle? That’s what sets a Kit Kat apart.

Noms. Now it turns out there’s a real, fact-based explanation why the four-piece bar has such a distinctive texture inside. It’s not just that it’s surrounded by chocolate, but that the wafers *themselves* are made up of ground KitKats too.

Yep, you read that right. In the middle of each Kit Kat finger is a wafer layer made from mushed up KitKats. Broken bars, of which there must be many, are re-processed and broken down to form the middle layer, a spokesperson for Cadbury revealed to BBC Inside The Factory presenter Gregg Wallace. The programme first aired last year, but the revelation has been doing the rounds again of late.

It does beg the question though, of how the first ever KitKat was made. We’ll leave you to mull over that one…


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