KUWTK Release Return Date For Season Filmed During Lockdown In Los Angeles

Season 18 is returning to our screens and we don't have long to wait.

Every season of the Kardashians brings new drama and as we return for the latter half of season 18 next month, it looks like the episodes are going to be jam packed between the usual ongoings, feuds and issues that face the Kardashian family on a daily basis, and then, the global lockdown as the pandemic begins and the world shuts down.

Continuing to film throughout the pandemic, with parts filmed by the Kardashians themselves when camera crew, network producers and assistants weren’t allowed to leave their homes, the show will watch the family struggle to stay apart and like the rest of us, fear for what’s coming next.

In the series, Kris Jenner can be seen crying as she tells Khloe that she just wants to hug her, similarly, she kisses Kim through a glass window as the pair have to remain apart.

In the teaser for the new series which drops on September 18 over here, we can also see that Kourtney Kardashian is back filming, despite admitting that she was leaving the series last year.

After an on-screen brawl with her sister, Kim, Kourtney broke down and admitted that she was removing herself from the show, only appearing at “special events” for the foreseeable future.

But now, she appears to be back in the hot seat and can be seen throughout the teaser.

And speaking of returning family members, Rob Kardashian will make a return this season after several years remaining off camera.

“My brother’s coming back around. He’s feeling more confident and comfortable. I think he just, you know, started a whole new season, so there you go,” Khloe told SirusXM’s morning show.

You can watch the new season when it returns on E! and Hayu.