Kylie Jenner Had A Smart (But Kinda Sad) Comeback To This Tweet Calling Her A ‘Prostitute’

She's addressing her haters head-on.

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Kylie Jenner’s Twitter mentions must be a pretty overwhelming part of the internet to get caught up in. Girl has 18.5 million followers, after all.

The youngest Jenner often interacts with her fans via the platform, retweeting posts about her Lip Kits and style wins, while also hosting regular impromptu Q&As (like last week’s one, which she explained she found time to do after her friends unexpectedly “cancelled plans”).

When it comes to negative comments, Kylie leaves well alone for the most part, following her older sisters’ policy of rising above the social media hate. However yesterday the teen clearly saw an opportunity for a sass-filled comeback, and just couldn’t resist.

Sharing a tweet from a follower which read, “@KylieJenner looks like a 14 year old prostitute,” Kylie responded with a one-liner, writing “Idk I feel like I look like a 19 year old prostitute.”


Of course, while we do love her decision to shut down whatever bottom-feeder thought it was a good idea to compare a female celebrity to an underage sex worker, it’s a little upsetting that Kylie agreed with the latter part of his comment, even if she was doing so as a joke.

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This isn’t the first time that the KUWTK star has publicly joked about her rapid move into adulthood. Last year she shared a screengrab from an old episode of KUWTK which shows a young Kylie promising to her parents that she “won’t grow up too fast.” The teen captioned the post “Dammit Kylie!”

Dammit, Kylie!

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Again, funny… but just a little bit upsetting too, right?


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