Kylie Jenner Is In Trouble *Again* For Reposting This ‘Irresponsible’ Pic Of Herself On Instagram

It's not the first time she's done it either.

Kylie Jenner got into heaps of trouble with fans in March after sharing a series of photos of herself smoking on Instagram, but the 19-year-old hasn’t learned her lesson as she re-shared one of the images last night.

The reality star has over 95 million followers on the social media site, and people are concerned that young and impressionable fans might be encouraged to take up smoking themselves.

First time around, fans were very vocal about their disgust, and commented underneath the photo saying, “Smoking cigs is nasty as f*ck, get outta here Kylie Jenner,” and “So @KylieJenner smokes ? Disappointed.”

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This time around, fans’ fears have been justified, as many of Kylie’s impressionable fanbase have already taken to Twitter saying things like,”Kylie Jenner posted a photo to IG smoking a j. That means I need to do the same right?” and “That new Kylie Insta pic of her smoking is kind of what I’ve been trying to go for lately”.

Earlier this month, Kylie’s big sister Kendall shared a snap on her own Instagram of Kylie holding a cigarette, seemingly unfazed by the dangerous habit. Because of that, Kendall has been targeted by people accusing her of setting a bad example, as she too has over 80 million followers.

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Do you think it’s irresponsible for Kylie to show off her smoking habit on social media?

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