Kylie Jenner’s BFF Stas Karanikolaou Reveals If She Still Talks To Jordyn Woods

Her answer may surprise you!

Kylie Jenner’s bestie Stas Karanikolaou is the latest guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast, you may know her as Stassie Baby on Instagram before she rebranded herself as Stas last year.

Stas joined Alex Cooper for an in-depth chat, the first of its kind as the influencer admits she doesn’t do interviews or podcast usually due to her social anxiety.

Stas opened up more than ever before about her past, her anxiety and her friendship with Kylie Jenner. Stas and Kylie met when they were just 13-years-old and became besties known for their matching outfits, and general bestie behaviour.

But there was a third member of their circle not too long ago, one who was seen with Kylie even more than Stas was for years, Jordyn Woods. Jordyn was involved in a cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s baby daddy in 2019, ending her friendship with Kylie and seemingly all of their pals.

Jordyn hasn’t been seen with the girls she was friends with before the scandal in a long time, which has people assuming they were all team Khloe. But when Stas was asked if she is still in contact with Jordyn she revealed there may be more to the story than people think.

Responding to Alex’s queston about whether they are still in contact she said, “Oh no. For my own reasons. This is the first time… I’m ever saying this but it’s for my own reason.

“It’s not…I was not following anyone else. I’ve had my own reasons and that’s it.”

Interesting… We wonder what went down.

In the interview, Stas also set the record straight about how her and Kylie met, after rumours swirled the internet that she met her at a fan book signing.

Stas the pair met “through friends” at a friday night mall hangout, all the coolest kids in Calabasas were there we bet!

We wonder if Stas will be making an appearance on The Kardashians new show, the series starts today on Disney+ and is believed to include a lot more of Kylie’s pregnancy which we can’t wait to see!

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