Lads, Daniel And Majella O’Donnell Are Doing This Year’s TV3 Christmas Message

Gather round, gather round.

Pic Credit: Maxwells Dublin

Ireland’s TV idols are usually a little, shall we say, unique. There’s the turkey we sent to the Eurovision. Not to mention the identical twin teenage boys.

There’s Evelyn Cusack, the weather presenter that brought a young lad to tears of joy on last year’s Late Late Toy Show. And architect Dermot Bannon, who was wheeled on to surprise another young viewer this year.

evelyn cusack

Who needs celebrities, really, when you have puppets and meteorologists? TV3 are operating in that frame of mind this year with their Christmas message, which it’s just been confirmed will be presented by singer Daniel O’Donnell and his wife Majella.

This nation has always had something of a soft spot for Our Wee Daniel, but viewers really fell in love with him and Majella on their UTV show, Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip. The show, which has since been picked up by RTÉ, was a breakout success last year, and it of course gave us this most wonderful of fan reactions, from B&B owner Anne Sheerin:

In their speech, the pair will “reflect on the year gone by, as together we face into the great unknown that is 2017.” Daniel says the couple were “delighted” to be asked to take part this year, following on in the footsteps of Panti Bliss who presented last year’s message.

Daniel And Majella’s Christmas Message will air at 3pm on TV this Christmas Day, December 25th.