Lady Gaga Spoke About Dealing With Bullying In Adulthood On The Late Late Show

Another reason we ADORE this woman!


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Miss Lady Gaga was on The Late Late Show last night promoting her role in the upcoming film House Of Gucci.

During the interview, Gaga spoke about her experience being bullied as a child as well as how this can follow you into adulthood.

She offered some advice for those who may be still dealing with trauma from childhood bullies, or maybe having trouble with bullies in their adult life;

“What I would say to adults that are either being bullied or were bullied when they were younger, still deal with it or are working with it, I would say like ‘I feel you and that it’s okay to be somebody that’s a survivor, it’s okay to be somebody that’s hardworking and it’s okay for it to hurt’.

“Meaning we are bonded in that way and that’s real. So, I feel very often that realness does not get enough credit. I think realness and authenticity, it grounds all of us because then our feelings all our big feelings about this then, it starts to matter, and we don’t have to hide and be polite and pretend that everything is okay.”


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Lady Gaga plays the part of Patrizia Gucci in the new film and she told Ryan about how important it was for her to be informed on the Italian culture, as well as her own family history while taking on the role.

“What it means to be Irish American is different than being Irish. Right, so those are two different things. So being Italian American which is what I am is different to being Italian meaning and that informed the role for me…

“Also, what was her [Patrizia Gucci] place in the world you know she was much lower class than the Gucci’s they were prestigious, they had an empire, they were shiny and tailored and perfect and had privilege beyond our wildest dreams and she was called weird all the time.


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“She actually wasn’t a gold digger… So, I focused a lot on the ethnicity of Patrizia, and making sure that the mannerisms and the way that I played the role was something that was true to a real Italian woman and Italian culture, not Italian American.”

She told Ryan that the hint of her heritage in the film brings her father to tears, “When I talk to my father about this movie or he watches the trailer for the film that he cries, he wells up with tears.

“I know that he is thinking about his father, and his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father. There is some through-line that takes my father all the way back to his soil.


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“And I think the same is true, yes, we are Irish Americans and for immigrants all over the world and I think it is something we should have respect for.”

The trailer for the film gives us goosebumps, it seems like it may be another award winning performance for Gaga who previously nominated for Best Actress at the Oscar’s for her role in A Star Is Born.

Although she lost out to Olivia Coleman that year, she did go home with an Oscar for Best Original Song, for Shallow, which is on the film’s soundtrack.

We can’t wait to see it!


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