Laura Fox On Taking On The Telly In New Career Move

"I totally forgot that we were shooting a television show."

Laura Fox pictured at the Hayu STELLAR InstaSTAR Awards 2023. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Laura Fox was the hostess with the mostess at last night’s Hayu InstaStar Awards.

The Galway girl has been on MC duties since the inaugural ceremony three years ago. But according to Laura, every year is just as thrilling.

“I am so excited to be back again! I have to give it to STELLAR, you guys really took a chance on me when no one else really was, and I’ll always appreciate that so much.”

“I’ll never forget my first STELLAR [Hayu InstaStar Awards], I might forget my second ever so slightly, because we had such a good time. But we’re here for the third year in The Dean Townhouse – The Hayu InstaStars are back and I’m so buzzing,” she told us while chatting on the red carpet.

Laura Fox pictured at The 2022 Hayu STELLAR InstaSTAR Awards at the Morrison Hotel, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

But when not thrilling the crowd during the Hayu InstaStar Awards, Laura has been making big career moves. She has been a mainstay at 2fm since 2022, and after dominating the airwaves, Laura will be taking to the screen.

The presenter was announced as the new host of Ireland’s Fittest Family earlier this year. As one of Ireland’s most popular series, it’s a massive gig, made even more momentous as the 32-year-old will be taking over from long-time presenter Mairead Ronan.

But Laura took on the challenge, and had an amazing summer working on the show.

As she told us: “I can’t wait! It’s coming out October 29th. It’s one of those things, that as we were doing it, I totally forgot that we were shooting a television show. So I forgot that now, everyone else gets to experience what I have got to experience all summer, which was so much mayhem and so much fun. I’m so buzzed to see what everyone else thinks of it.”

Laura Fox

When it comes to taking over from Mairead, Laura was quick to gush about how kind her predecessor has been.

“I love her, she’s so amazing! She was on Ireland’s Fittest Family for ten years, and she couldn’t have been anymore help to me when I took over the reigns. She’s just so sweet, one of the nicest things she said to me was, ‘you’ll have no problem because you’re a radio gal’ and I love that because it’s just like radio gals sticking together.”

As for if Laura will be pursuing television, she explained: “I really enjoyed it but I think I’m at a good stage in my life as well. I’m 32, I have been ten years trying to get to this point, I got to a really good point in my life where I feel like I’m ready for this now. I am confident, I have worked quite hard, I’ve done all of the small jobs as well, which I think is integral to getting to this point.”

And when asked what she would tell her younger self, the presenter shared: “You are going to have the time of your life, there are going to be a couple of tough years in the middle, but they will be the making of you, so stay going.”