Laura Whitmore Has Opened Up About Caroline Flack’s Death


It’s been three years since the passing of TV presenter Caroline Flack, with Laura Whitmore admitting she still struggles to come to terms with what happened to her late friend.

Speaking on the Spinning Plates podcast, the Wicklow native revealed she still gets triggered by nasty comments on social media.

Both Caroline and Laura are former presenters of the reality dating show Love Island with Caroline having hosted from 2015-2019.

While Laura took over in 2020 before stepping down as host last year.

Pic: Laura Whitmore

“You don’t realise until you have gone through it. I think that was survival mode maybe,” shared Laura.

“It’s trying to balance it and be respectful and do things the right way.”

Speaking about the impact that Caroline’s death had on her, Laura shared: “You take over this really glamourous entertainment show, and I had taken it over from Caroline.

“She was a friend, we had that relationship, we had talked during that time. I found it really hard as I went from being on the outside to suddenly being in it.

Pic: Instagram/Laura Whitmore

“I don’t think I have fully digested it but I did all I could with that to get through it. I think that has still affected me today in how I am with things.”

“[We have] this culture, an attack of different people, particularly in the public eye. I find that still triggering… do I step back when I see that? How do I react?”

Since stepping away from Love Island, Laura has been busy working on her new investigative series, which aired last month.

Entitled Laura Whitmore Investigates, the show explores topics like toxic masculinity, BDSM, and cyber-stalking.