Laura Whitmore Reveals She Had Reservations About Love Island After Seeing How The Press Treated Caroline Flack

"Caroline always seemed like nothing had bothered her. She was feisty and strong-willed."

Laura Whitmore has revealed that she had reservations joining Love Island after seeing how the media treated Caroline Flack.

Writing for Glamour Magazine she said; “When I was asked to host Love Island, although I love the show, a part of me questioned whether I wanted to put myself in such a position that would invite public scrutiny.”

She also referenced the tragic death of Caroline Flack, who sadly took her own life earlier this year;
“I remember thinking about what she had to put up with. All the comments I had seen online and savage headlines sprawled across the newspaper, day in, day out. Caroline always seemed like nothing had bothered her. She was feisty and strong-willed.”

However despite Laura’s perception that this negative media attention didn’t get under her skin, it clearly did and she struggled behind the scenes.

Laura also slammed how online and the media treated the presenter; “Whatever happened in her personal life or bad decisions she may have made, she didn’t deserve the attention she had to deal with daily. It was not the business or duty of the keyboard warriors to publicly shame her.”

The Irish presenter said that she removed anything personal from her Instagram and Twitter, just using them as places to publicise her work.


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However, since the beginning of the current pandemic she has fallen back in love with social media and that “as our real world got scarier, the internet got, well, a little bit nicer.”

“I’ve fallen in love with online all over again, and it feels so good.”

Here’s hoping that the internet stays the nice, welcoming community it has become, and that Laura too is here to stay.


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