LEGO Has Launched A Friends Set To Mark The Show’s 25th anniversary

Gunther is there too, of course!

It’s been 25 years since Friends first hit our screens and yet we’re still just as obsessed with the show in 2019.

From watching reruns constantly on Netflix to quoting the show in our everyday chat, it’s safe to say our love for the show isn’t going anywhere.

And now you can fully embrace 90s nostalgia by combining Friends and LEGO for the ultimate fan activity.

The LEGO set comprises of the gang in Central Perk, one of the most common settings of the show throughout the 10 seasons.

There are over 1000 pieces, including Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica and Ross, and of course, Gunther too.



As well as our favourite characters there are plenty of props to make it look legit too, including plenty of coffee cups, a pizza slice for Joey and a guitar for Phoebe.

The set costs under €60 and will be available by September 1st.

Could this BE any more perfect for Friends fans?