Leigh Anne Pinnock Reveals The Hilarious Habit She Shares With Her ‘Boxing Day’ Character

And if she plans on leaning into acting more.

Leigh Anne Pinnock will be making her silver screen debut on the 3rd of December in the film Boxing Day, and it turns out the film is much more realistic than you might imagine. As she and her and her character, Georgia share a hilarious habit.

In the film, Georgia, who is also a pop star, checks into a hotel under the name Pocahontas. And Leigh Anne confirmed that the Little Mix gals used to do the same as well.

While being interviewed by Ross Kemp, Leigh Anne was asked point-blank if she and the band ever fake names like Georgia. She spilt their secrets and confirmed that they had, and they even used a similar picking technique to Georgia.

She explained, “It’s normally something really stupid, like a Disney name or something dumb!”


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And as for if we’re gonna see Leigh Anne in any other films, it seems there is definitely a chance, but music is still her passion.

While on Good Morning Britain she explained, “singing is my number one passion, but I do definitely feel like I’ve got the acting bug now. I loved it, I loved every second. I uncovered a talent I didn’t really know I had, so I’m just excited to keep nurturing and see where else this takes me.”

She also told Ross Kemp, “I remember my first day, I was shaking! So nervous, obviously I hadn’t acted before, and it’s my first big opportunity, and it’s a massive film, it’s just incredible… I loved every second, and I would love to do a film a year maybe.”

If this means that we get more Little Mix music and more Leigh Anne films, then it’s a blessing.

Leigh Anne also spoke about life as a new mum OF TWINS while balancing music and now acting career.

She admitted she “doesn’t know how (she’s) even functioning” with all her project and motherhood. Leigh Anne and footballer fiancé Andre Gray welcomed twins in August and haven’t stopped working since.

Words by: Sláine McKenna

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