Liam Payne Finally Reveals The Juicy Details About How He And Cheryl Started Dating

Spoiler: they were set up.

Cheryl And Liam

Cheryl and Liam are one big happy family now but there was a time when they were mere acquaintances, meeting way back in 2008 when Liam first auditioned for the X Factor.

Now Liam has spilled the deets on how they went from being celebrity friends to a fully fledged couple, and it turns out Niall Horan and Simon Cowell had a hand in making it happen.

Niall came over to me and said you’ll never guess who’s got a crush on you — Cheryl,” Liam explained to Radio1Xtra.

“I was saying something about Cheryl in Simon’s house and he said I know who the future Mrs. Payne is,” he continued.

“Apparently, he really embarrassed her one day by saying, ‘Do you know who really fancies you,’ and she left the room bright red and Niall told me this whole story. They played Cupid,” Liam revealed.

Basically, Niall and Simon were responsible for making their love story happen.

With Baby Payne’s godparents still apparently to be decided, we reckon these two mach-makers should be front runners for the title.

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